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Origin story of starting my first small business

I thought I would share the full story behind worry knot and how it all came to be. Throughout my adult life, I have struggled on and off with anxiety and I am a very keen advocate for speaking up about mental health and all that goes with it. I know a lot of people out there still feel uncomfortable opening up about mental health, although there has been huge progress in the past 5 years. Amazing campaigns and organisations such as Time to Change, Mind and Rethink have really paved the way in creating real conversation and real change in recent years. Growing up in such a time where the progress in conversation mimics my personal journey is both...

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How to Use your Worry Knot to relax.

I will discuss the 3 methods used with traditional worry beads and how these can be adapted to suit Worry Knot jewellery better.   Then I will introduce a technique I am calling the Worry Knot techniques which I have tried and tested during the past few weeks that really suit the size, shape and textures of my Worry Knot Jewellery.

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My crippling Anxiety once floored me. Now I wouldn’t be without it : Guest blog by Emma Johnson at Worry Knot Jewellery

  For 10 or so years, throughout adulthood, I have battled on and off with something invisible and something I still don’t fully understand myself. Generalised Anxiety Disorder.  I’m now 29 but my illness started at about the age of 21. In my third year of University, I started to dread things, I started to worry about everything I said, did and I started to question if anyone liked me. I have always been apologetic but this was different. I felt like apologising for walking into a room.  I was unable to switch off, unable to focus on my University work and I withdrew a lot socially. Life moved quite slow back then.  For me I knew this was out...

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The wonder of Bullet Journaling and why it could change your life.

I’m a sucker for a to do list. I write a list, then another, then one on my hand. Until everything is done, then I bin my lists and start again. I think it may be related in a way to my anxiety disorder, when sometimes the easiest thing to remember gets lost in the abyss of ever ruminating thoughts. But that's OK, lists never hurt anyone.   It would be good to keep everything in one book, right? In the same place? Including future, monthly plans, projects, EVERYTHING. I think a lot of people are the same. Since starting Worry Knot this is even more obvious to me, I think I have filled one notebook already with to do...

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