How to Use your Worry Knot to relax.

Heres a 'How to' guide to go with my how to video here :)
I will discuss the 3 methods used with traditional worry beads and how these can be adapted to suit Worry Knot jewellery better.
Then I will introduce a technique I am calling the Worry Knot techniques which I have tried and tested during the past few weeks that really suit the size, shape and textures of my Worry Knot Jewellery.
The first is called easy, it is the most simple and easy thing to do with the beads, you just hold them in one palm and just listen to the sound they make as you roll them in your palm. I find this just as relieving as biting my nails.
You simply hold the gem in one hand and the knot in the other and separate the string out slightly The aim is to just slide the beads down the string, quietly and slowly, focussing on how slowly and quietly you can do it. I find this super calming and with my Worry Knots using smaller and lighter beads than traditional worry beads, you really have to focus quite a lot on the angle of the string which helps you relax as you turn your brain to the simple, slow task in hand.
This article from Wikihow  also describes a quiet method which is more like counting the beads in one hand. This method is possible with Worry Knots by tying a worry knot- knot further down the string and then counting each bead as it passes through your hand but I think this one is the least suited out of the traditional methods because of the specific size and shape of beads used for Worry Knots, but its all subjective really, maybe I just don’t like counting :)
I personally prefer the method this chap uses (4: 30 mins in) where he transfers the beads down through his hands from both strings. the sound of the beads hitting each other is amazing, although I personally prefer the more focussed quiet approach discussed above for my particular beads.
The third well known and used method is called the Loud method when using Komboloi. I again adapt this one slightly for Worry Knots because my beads are smaller and lighter. I Just tie a temporary double knot about half way down the string and and then you hold the string in between the index and middle finger and with the heavy gem and starting with the knot in your palm, you bring the beads over your index finget to the front and then move the middel finger back round infront and continue to keep doing this.
 I find this really therapeutic and once you get the hang of it, its amazing, don’t forget you can tie as many knots into the cord as you like, these are only temporary which is why the use of string or cord is important when making y worry knots.



You can also just swing the beads if you want.
The last technique I just did when I was playing around but I really like the sound it creates and how it feels. You simply tie the beads around your index and middle finger and then simply swing them left to right. I like to do this gently so that the end gem doesn’t clunk into your hand causing any pain, this is just a very calming and the beads make quite a soothing sound too and I hope you get a sense of calm from doing it.
After a lot of swinging the beads, trying different techniques I think the 5 I have shown are the most therapeutic and calming of them all but of course you can come up with your own techniques of swinging or manipulating the beads, just please be careful not to swing them too fast, close to others or too loosely!
Anyway! I hope you like them and they bring you some calm but I also hope you like wearing them as a nice piece of jewellery too.
Keep you eyes peeled for more worry knot collections coming soon.I will always use gemstones, beads and nice pendants.
Give the gift of calm.
Stay Home, Stay Safe.
Emma xxx
Worry Knot.
Beautiful, Calming, Handmade.
Worry Bead Jewellery.

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