Amethyst Fidget Ring - Worry Knot
Amethyst Fidget Ring - Worry Knot
Amethyst Fidget Ring - Worry Knot

Worry Knot

Amethyst Fidget Ring

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This Amethyst and Sterling Silver Fidget Ring is Unique and Beautiful. You can play with the main gemstone bead for something to fiddle with. The gemstone is small, smooth and round. You can wear this everyday and everywhere.

Amethyst Symbolises:
Passion, Peace, Grief

Often viewed as a stone of peace, some believe amethyst’s calming presence produces soothing dreams by bringing the dreamer more in tune with the Divine. This clarity and peacefulness also extends to the waking mind. 


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- Sterling Silver Ring
- 1 Amethyst gemstone bead
- 4 sterling silver beads.
- Handmade in Bristol


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